Bowling Fundraiser!

Sanctuary continues to grow, and our costs continue to increase. In order to continue the work we are doing, we need to grow our donor base.

Please join us for our next fundraising event. Consider inviting your friends and other contacts whom you think may be interested in supporting this amazing community!

Prizes are for:

  • Highest single game score
  • Highest team score
  • Most strikes
  • Most gutter balls!
  • Best dressed???

I Just Want To Go Home

On a morning walk through the woods with my 3 kids, we came across Someone’s place, tucked away under a grove of trees near the river. A tarp, sleeping bag, clothes hung on the tree and everything damp from the recent rain. The site was quiet and there were some small knick knacks thoughtfully organized to give the feeling of being in a room. I noticed a few unopened letters off to the side. Social services and housing notices…stark and stiff.

We stopped for a minute, (Isaac, my oldest, said we shouldn’t trespass!) And talked a bit about what it might be like to live here.

Some questions asked were, “What if it rains? What if someone steals their stuff? It looks like they need a new pillow. Is the jug for water? I really like their campfire! It must be fun. Look, a candle! I think it’s a girl who lives here.”

And in the end we prayed for the person who lives here, and the kids insisted on leaving a package of rice crackers there for them. Strategically and thoughtfully placed “in case of bears!”

The last thing said was by my daughter after a few moments of silence on the walk back was; “I’m tired, I just want to go home now…”
I was overcome with emotion as I thought of the times this Someone has wished the same thing.

Please Join Us!

We are so excited to invite you to our upcoming fundraiser, and we can’t wait to celebrate the work of Sanctuary London with you. Please join us for “An Evening in the Country”. Sanctuary is experiencing an exciting time of growth and change, and we want to invite you to be part of that journey […]

Apartment Searching

Today I accompanied a friend of mine to an apartment viewing here in London. He has been homeless, sleeping wherever he can, for about a month now. We’ve spent a ton of time looking for bachelor apartments. Living with a house mate(s) has just been too hard for him in the past. While looking on […]

Holiday Hours

At Sanctuary, we call our community family, and what better time to spend with family than the holidays! For that reason we strive to be open as much as we can throughout the holiday season. Our rough programming hours are below: Sunday December 24, 2017 – Combined Worship Service with Talbot Street Church @ 6pm […]

Masquerade Murder Mystery 2017

This past Friday, 125 guests joined us at the Lamplighter Inn for our first ever Murder Mystery Gala! It was a blast, the food was fantastic and the murderer was caught! Thank you to all who attended and supported Sanctuary London! Please enjoy the photos taken that night, and stay tuned for future fundraising events!

When you know you’re loved.

Sunday night worship services at Sanctuary might just look a little different than a typical church’s Sunday service. We spend about half of our time openly sharing as a community, sometimes requesting songs that fit, praying for one another, often sharing deep pain, and laying it all down before the Father. Sometimes it’s quiet, other times someone gets […]

Common Ground: From Coffee to Community

“When will the coffee be ready?” is often the first question you hear at Monday and Wednesday drop-ins at Sanctuary London, a non-profit in London that supports those facing poverty and exclusion. Delicious coffee, roasted locally by Patrick’s Beans, brings comfort to the uncomforted, and there is something even better about sharing it across the […]