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Dear friends of Sanctuary,

It has certainly been an exciting and eventful first few months since we launched Sanctuary on January 1st 2011, right here in London!

Our new Monday morning drop-in has been an incredible encouragement for us.  We have a great group of about 15-30 people coming out each Monday, many whom we have never had at any of our other drop-ins before.  It's been really fun to arrive with ingredients at 11am, and together with our friends from the street, put the food together and eat and chat and play games for the next three hours.  We've incorporated the arts into our drop-ins on Monday mornings as well, and that seems to have really taken off!  Thanks so much to each one of you who has played a role in helping this to come together.

Again thank you for your encouragement and for your prayers.  Many blessings to you all,

Darryl Reckman
Sanctuary London

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  1. I attended the Steve Green concert tonight and visited with some of the people at the Sanctuary Table. It was a great evening. I've listened to Steve Green for at least twenty years so this was an incredible treat. Thank you to whomever put up a poster at the East London Y, Library and Community Centre. I wouldn't have known about the event otherwise. I hope the event raised much needed funds for Sanctuary London. I have added a link in the Community section of the links to http://www.northeastender.ca . I also got to chat briefly with Steve Green which I really enjoyed. As you get the word out about your work amongst churches and the social service agencies I believe you will be welcomed in London as a partner with other groups who try to help those feel excluded or shut out. 
    David Dimitrie
    412-1128 Adelaide
    London ON

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