Another Update!

Dear friends of Sanctuary,

We come to you with a sigh of relief and praise for our God. Since we last wrote, we have received an outpouring of financial donations that will ensure that we can make it to the end of this calendar year. That is very exciting! The overflow of love, kind words, and money has been very encouraging. Many people gave one time donations. Some folks started as monthly donors, and others upped their monthly giving. All of that helps so much!

So, how are we now?
In many ways, we are good. We have returned to dreaming of great things: more hired staff to assist us, more partnerships with other organizations, greater ownership of this work, and even more folks finding home. Beginning in a few weeks, we will be sharing even more stories of the lives of our friends at Sanctuary. Titled, “This is my Sanctuary, this is your Sanctuary,” we will share the stories and the lives that inspire us. And finally, we have an amazing dream in the works that will be revealed in our Christmas newsletter.

Yet, in many other ways, we are still trying to work out sustainability. We realize that we cannot keep returning to you with news of empty bank accounts. We need to find ways to make the work of Sanctuary sustainable. We have been approached by a couple of people that would like to help:

1. Spend a night with us rocking out to the Ashgrove on December 5th at the London Music Club. Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets are $25/person with 100% of the funds going directly to support the work of Sanctuary London. Tickets are available HERE!

2. A father and son team are putting together a fundraiser for us. We will be revealing the nature of this fundraiser soon. Their only need at this point is a person/company that does commercial printing that would like to help out Sanctuary.

3. We have been approached by a local farmer who is willing to sell whole, farm fresh, grain fed, free rein chickens on behalf of Sanctuary to supporters in the London area. We are selling the chickens at $3 per pound and each chicken are 5-10lbs. Send us a quick email with the number of chickens you would like to order. If you are in the London area, they will be delivered to you in the third week of December. Do you want to help in this way?

4. We continue to have a partnership with Patrick’s Beans Coffee. We sell his coffee for $15/lb. and a portion of the proceeds are returned to Sanctuary.

In addition, we understand that monthly donations are the best way to keep us sustainable. Two weeks ago we shared with you our goal of finding 120 new donors to give $100 a month. We are happy to share that as of yesterday, our first 20 people have already signed up! Thank you so much! If you have not already signed up, would you please consider if you are able to help us reach this goal? Can’t give $100/month? No problem! Every little bit does help. We’ll keep you posted on how this is going.

Thanks for being there. This has been a challenging month in many ways. We keep finding that God has not let us go. God keeps calling us afresh to walk alongside our friends. We have been overwhelmed by the love and support of each of you. We are grateful.

On behalf of all of us at Sanctuary,
Darryl, Gil, and Jeremy.

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