Just over two weeks to go!!!

Please join us Sept 17th, 2016 for our first annual ‘Full Moon Festival’ a fundraiser in support of Sanctuary London. A great evening of food, games for the whole family and a concert featuring Isobelle Gunn and Body and Soul Collective, followed by a firework show, all of which takes place in a beautiful country […]

Welcome Breezey!

This past Sunday at Sanctuary’s weekly worship service, we announced our intentions of hiring Breezey Allen as our first permanent female staff member. We have been praying and asking God for a woman to join our team for some time now, and we couldn’t be more thankful! We first met Breezey at our annual Christmas […]

Sanctuary Homes

Today marks one week since we helped move our four female friends into the Sanctuary House. Four women. One house. Becoming one¬†family. Finding HOME. Together. Would you please pray for these amazing women who have decided to live their lives together. It will not be easy. There will be great challenges, there already have been. […]

Another Update!

Dear friends of Sanctuary, We come to you with a sigh of relief and praise for our God. Since we last wrote, we have received an outpouring of financial donations that will ensure that we can make it to the end of this calendar year. That is very exciting! The overflow of love, kind words, […]

Finances, Finances, Finances

Dear friends and supporters of Sanctuary London, Many of you will already know that on Friday (Nov. 7, 2015) I received a phone call from Sanctuary’s banker. A cheque that we wrote was being cashed, for which we had insufficient funds to pay for. For the first time in five years, Sanctuary was out of […]

A Taste of Home – A Fundraiser!

As you probably already know, at Sanctuary London, we’ve always got a pot of coffee brewing, or a warm kettle ready to make some tea. We believe there’s really no better way to connect with another person than welcoming them with a fresh warm mug of their favorite beverage. A warm drink also helps to […]

Seek Asylum at Sanctuary

Beside 513 Talbot Street sits a very special place called Sanctuary. It makes use of an addition to the main church building called ‘the atrium’. Two churches working together, sharing the same space. One Church. Often, the ‘Church-outside-the-church’. The people who come here are looking for something; food for the most part, as there are two meals provided each week. There are others who come looking for something more than physical sustenance. They come early, before the supper for fellowship, cards and coffee. Spiritual needs are taken care of.

I have been attending all of the functions at Sanctuary for nearly four years and have the others neatly divided into two camps: those who have had their lives destroyed, and those who are questioning their faith. Of course i’m sitting on the fence between the two. Many are lonely and looking for fellowship. Some can be alone for short periods in solitude; but few can endure isolation for any length of time and remain healthy. I believe that we are social creatures. The food may seem like it is the only thing drawing the folks in, but the fellowship, such as it is, keeps them coming back. It may not be as close-knit as some other churches, but it does welcome outsiders, many of whom have no where else to go because of drugs, alcohol, and mental health. They don’t get neatly dressed for the Bible study and they don’t put on their Sunday best for the circle meeting, possibly because they don’t own any fine and fancy clothing for such a purpose.

Paul talked about the social gospel and the scum of the earth congregation in the first century. It still exists, and will probably continue into the future if prophecy can be relied upon. It’s just that these days rent is offered free.

By Dan Lenart

New Office Space!

For the first time ever, Sanctuary London has found some designated space to call ‘HOME’. As of February 2015, we will be renting space on the main floor of 531 Talbot Street. We are so thankful for all the people who have helped to make this possible, and are extremely excited about the increased ministry opportunities this space will provide. Please come by to say hi and see our space soon!

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 2.47.40 PM

Special thanks to:

Talbot Street Church
Rodney Lover from Lover’s AtWork Office Furniture
Tom Miles
Eldon and Lena Clelland
Gary and Helen Nash
Bob and Marie Spindler
Bill and Marg Reckman
Eric St. Pierre
Keith and Eithne Griffiths
Adam Mackey
Derek Gwynn