I Just Want To Go Home

On a morning walk through the woods with my 3 kids, we came across Someone’s place, tucked away under a grove of trees near the river. A tarp, sleeping bag, clothes hung on the tree and everything damp from the recent rain. The site was quiet and there were some small knick knacks thoughtfully organized to give the feeling of being in a room. I noticed a few unopened letters off to the side. Social services and housing notices…stark and stiff.

We stopped for a minute, (Isaac, my oldest, said we shouldn’t trespass!) And talked a bit about what it might be like to live here.

Some questions asked were, “What if it rains? What if someone steals their stuff? It looks like they need a new pillow. Is the jug for water? I really like their campfire! It must be fun. Look, a candle! I think it’s a girl who lives here.”

And in the end we prayed for the person who lives here, and the kids insisted on leaving a package of rice crackers there for them. Strategically and thoughtfully placed “in case of bears!”

The last thing said was by my daughter after a few moments of silence on the walk back was; “I’m tired, I just want to go home now…”
I was overcome with emotion as I thought of the times this Someone has wished the same thing.