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Sanctuary London is located at 531 Talbot Street, however, our programs which require larger space for many people, including our Monday and Wednesday drop-ins, and our Sunday worship gatherings take place next door in the atrium of our partnering community, Talbot Street Church (formerly First Christian Reformed Church).  The address here is 513 Talbot Street.

Our Mailing Address is:

Sanctuary London
531 Talbot Street

London, ON N6A 2S5

Office Phone: 548-688-4663 (HOME)

Darryl Reckman
Executive Pastor
Gil Clelland
Teaching Pastor
Mechele TeBrake
Community Outreach Worker
Tessa Buckley
Community Outreach Worker



Heather Fieten

Administrative Coordinator


  1. Firstly let me say thank you. I was at a point in my walk where you know you have to step into the Jordan but are unsure. and afraid.  Your words, your passion, were truly inspiring. They touched me deeply. I was very much reminded of Brennan Manning's "The Ragtamuffin Gospel". It was refreshing to hear words of truth and power. I know that God is in my corner, gently nudging me, whispering in that still small voice but so often in my busyness I fail to hear them as if I am blind. Anyway I thank God for such encouragement, using people such as yourself and countless others. You show me through your living faith was is possible
    Thanks Gil

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