Our Partners

Sanctuary Ministries of Toronto

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 1.07.42 PMSanctuary London is officially a satelite ministry of Sanctuary Ministries of Toronto.  They have agreed to umbrella our program for 3-5 years while we get established as a charitable body. Until then, all our donations are processed here and we receive mentorship and accountability from Sanctuary Toronto.



Vision Ministries

VisionProvides mentorship, support, and insurance for our organization as we get established. Jay Gurnett is our local contact person with Vision.




Talbot Street Christian Reformed Church

CRCA true partner in our programming. Talbot Street CRC is not only where we meet but with whom we meet. Members of their congregation have intertwined with our community in a way we can only descibe as a “Mess” – we love it!


North Park Community Church

North ParkNorth Park is not only a partner in ministry, but also supports Sanctuary financially, prayerfully and in a number of different ways.  Thank you!




Generous Space Ministries

Generous Space is committed to supporting and encouraging all individuals from sexual minorities to explore and grow in faith in Jesus Christ. With their help, Sanctuary is learning how to also do a better job of loving and welcoming our friends in the LGBTQ+ community.



Byron Community Church

ByronByron Community has committed to praying for the Sanctuary community, to supporting us financially, and also to bringing home baked goods for our drop-ins every Monday morning!  Thanks Byron!


Streetlevel: Roundtable on Poverty and Homelessness

StreetlevelWe support and are invested in the work of our brothers and sisters fighting poverty and homelessness across Canada.




Patrick’s Beans Coffee

Patrick's BeansA huge thank you to our friend Patrick from Patrick’s Beans Coffee Company, which helps not only supply our friends at drop-in with an excellent cup of coffee through partial donation, but also provides coffee for Sanctuary to sell as a fundraiser.
Patrick’s Beans Facebook Page

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