Masquerade Fundraiser

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London, Ontario is an isolated town full of scandal, blackmail and deceit. Nobody in town can seem to get along, and the local government has hidden motives for the dreadful decisions they make. The mayor, Gil Clelland, is hosting a mysterious masquerade ball in the old Ravenwood Castle, and the tickets to the event sold out in hours. The townspeople are curious to find out why the mayor would put effort into doing something positive in this town of gloom, but are all eagerly hunting for the perfect mask, nonetheless. You are worried what will happen this night when such toxic people gather at the castle. You are also very concerned, as you didn't purchase your ticket; it was placed in your mailbox in an unmarked envelope. Somebody wants you there, but you don't know why. This is where your story begins...

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Masks can be found here in London at

McCullochs Costume supply store

Party City

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